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Thread Size : M8X1.25 | (12 pc)
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Perma-Coil Insert Pack includes stainless steel inserts used to repair stripped threads in all types of materials. Unlike threaded solid bushing type fasteners, Perma-Coil (tanged) inserts provide space and weight saving to your repair process. In addition, Perma-Coil (tanged) inserts eliminate the need for oversized drilling and tapping, welding, or plugging of damaged holes. Perma-Coil inserts pack includes: - Aerospace Quality, 304 Stainless Steel, Free-Running Inserts - 1.5 Diameter Nominal Length1 - Compatible with Helicoil Save-A-Thread **The nominal length is a calculated number and cannot be measured in the free state, it is the installed length plus half a pitch. Perma-Coil¨ Inserts Pack are Proudly Made in the USA!
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