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KATO Thread Kits

Thread Kits Company is now KATO Thread Kits!

Founded in 1984, Thread Kits Company is a leading manufacturer and global supplier of quality thread repair products for nearly 30 years! In 2016, KATO Fastening Systems, Inc. (KATO), the original inventor and manufacturer of the revolutionary bi-directional Tangless® insert acquired Thread Kits, Company. We now do business as KATO Thread Kits as we leverage the synergy of our merger to enhance customer experience.

Satisfaction-Plus is a KATO directive to provide customers with the best products, service and support in the industry. The Plus is added benefits designed to exceed our customers’ expectations, this remains our mission.

KATO Perma-Coil® is a registered trademark in the U.S and several foreign countries, and has become a recognized name in the automotive, industrial and production rebuilder industries. In addition, KATO Thread Kits offers:

KATO Perma-Plug® the industries best solutions for spark plug thread repair.
KATO Perma-Kee®, key lock inserts for superior retention and heavy duty repairs.
KATO Perma-Rivet®, cost effective blind rivets used to make high strength joints in a variety of materials.

Time-Sert® and Big-Sert®, the very popular professional thread repair systems

Our newest lines:
KATO LockOne®, a revolutionary positive locking fastener designed to prevent any standard nut from loosening free under vibration.
KATO Pro-Kits®, the worlds’ first and only Tangless professional grade MRO and thread repair kit.

At KATO Thread Kits, we take pride in offering innovate products while producing the highest quality parts, all with prompt and courteous service!