KATO Pro-Kits® are the world's first Tangless MRO / thread repair kit designed for professionals. KATO Pro-Kits are ideal for mechanics, maintenance departments, original equipment manufacturers, machine shops, restoration shops and prototype fabricators.

The KATO Pro-Kits are truly professional grade thread repair kits. Designed by KATO engineers, Pro-Kits consist of Aerospace quality free-running KATO Tangless inserts (made from 304 stainless steel), nickel plated production grade installation tool, HSS STI tap and drill bit. KATO Pro-Kits are available in the most popular unified and metric thread sizes and are ideal for aerospace, aviation, automotive, commercial applications and much more!

Damaged threads can be brought back to the original thread size and made better than new. Thread wear, corrosion and galling will be virtually eliminated. Assembly will be even stronger than the original. KATO Pro-Kits contain everything needed to get the job done from start to finish.

Thread Size Pro-Kits Insert Replacement Pack
1D 1.5D 2D Qty. (Each)
Unified Coarse
2-56 2KPRC-02 2KPRC-02-10 2KPRC-02-15 2KPRC-02-20 10
4-40 2KPRC-04 2KPRC-04-10 2KPRC-04-15 2KPRC-04-20 10
6-32 2KPRC-06 2KPRC-06-10 2KPRC-06-15 2KPRC-06-20 10
8-32 2KPRC-2 2KPRC-2-10 2KPRC-2-15 2KPRC-2-20 10
10-24 2KPRC-3 2KPRC-3-10 2KPRC-3-15 2KPRC-3-20 10
1/4-20 2KPRC-4 2KPRC-4-10 2KPRC-4-15 2KPRC-4-20 10
5/16-18 2KPRC-5 2KPRC-5-10 2KPRC-5-15 2KPRC-5-20 10
3/8-16 2KPRC-6 2KPRC-6-10 2KPRC-6-15 2KPRC-6-20 10
Unified Fine
10-32 2KPRF-3 2KPRF-3-10 2KPRF-3-15 2KPRF-3-20 10
1/4-28 2KPRF-4 2KPRF-4-10 2KPRF-4-15 2KPRF-4-20 10
5/16-24 2KPRF-5 2KPRF-5-10 2KPRF-5-15 2KPRF-5-20 10
3/8-24 2KPRF-6 2KPRF-6-10 2KPRF-6-15 2KPRF-6-20 10
7/16-20 2KPRF-7 2KPRF-7-10 2KPRF-7-15 2KPRF-7-20 10
1/2-20 2KPRF-8 2KPRF-8-10 2KPRF-8-15 2KPRF-8-20 10
Metric Coarse
M2.5X.45 2KPRM-2.5 2KPRM-2.5-10 2KPRM-2.5-15 2KPRM-2.5-20 10
M3X.5 2KPRM-3 2KPRM-3-10 2KPRM-3-15 2KPRM-3-20 10
M4X.7 2KPRM-4 2KPRM-4-10 2KPRM-4-15 2KPRM-4-20 10
M5X.8 2KPRM-5 2KPRM-5-10 2KPRM-5-15 2KPRM-5-20 10
M6X1 2KPRM-6 2KPRM-6-10 2KPRM-6-15 2KPRM-6-20 10
M8X1.25 2KPRM-8 2KPRM-8-10 2KPRM-8-15 2KPRM-8-20 10
M10X1.5 2KPRM-10 2KPRM-10-10 2KPRM-10-15 2KPRM-10-20 10
M12X1.75 2KPRM-12 2KPRM-12-10 2KPRM-12-15 2KPRM-12-20 10
Metric Fine
M10X1.25 2KPRM-10X1.25 2KPRM-10X1.25-10 2KPRM-10X1.25-15 2KPRM-10X1.25-20 10
M12X1.25 2KPRM-12X1.25 2KPRM-12X1.25-10 2KPRM-12X1.25-15 2KPRM-12X1.25-20 10
M14X1.5 2KPRM-14X1.5 2KPRM-14X1.5-10 2KPRM-14X1.5-15 2KPRM-14X1.5-20 10
M16X1.5 2KPRM-16X1.5 2KPRM-16X1.5-10 2KPRM-16X1.5-15 2KPRM-16X1.5-20 10