Perma-Coil Kits (Screw Thread Inserts for Maintenance, Repair and Overhaul) are universally accepted method of repairing stripped threads in all types of materials. By using Perma-Coil Kits, damaged threads can be brought back to the original thread size, and better than new. Thread wear, corrosion and galling will be virtually eliminated, and the assembly will be stronger than the original with Perma-Coil inserts. Unlike threaded solid bushing type fasteners, Perma-Coil inserts provide space and weight savings. In addition, Perma-Coil inserts eliminate the need for oversized drilling and tapping, thread welding, or plugging of damaged holes.

At Thread Kits, there is only one standard of quality for original equipment or repair. Perma-Coil inserts meet or exceed all applicable military, aerospace, and commercial standards.