KATO Perma-Plug Kit is a professional spark plug thread repair kit that provides everything you’ll need to quickly and easily repair worn or stripped spark plug threads. Perma-Plug works in aluminum and cast iron assemblies and provides a positive locking system. Perma-Plug requires no drilling, simply tap the hole with the included piloted tap tool. The Perma-Plug kit includes three insert lengths to accommodate all applications. With Perma-Plug the repaired threads are better than new, and the assembly is stronger than the original! Perma-Plug Kit can be used with taper seat or gasket type spark plugs.

KATO Perma-Plug Kit are made from the high quality all steel components and includes:

  • Three solid bushing inserts (one each)
    • 2214-S, M14X1.25 X 3/8” for short reach
    • 2214-N, M14X1.25 X 1/2” for normal reach
    • 2214-L, M14X1.25 X 3/4” for long reach
  • Expanding tool (swaging tool)
  • Piloted Tap

Additional inserts can be purchased separately as listed above (2214-S, 2214-N, or 2214-L).

Thread Size Perma-Plug Kit Perma-Plug Packs Replacement Parts
Part No. Reach Qty. Tools Tap
M14X1.25 2200-14 2214-S 3/8" Short 1 2294-14 2258-14
2214-N 1/2" Normal 1
2214-L 3/4" Long 1