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ThreadSize: M10X1.5, 12PT-Socket: 17mm, Qty: 10, LockOne Pack
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LockOne is a revolutionary positive locking fastener designed to prevent any standard nut from loosening free under vibration. Upon installation, LockOne coils stretch, providing a superior locking force. Unlike nuts with nylon or locking compounds, LockOne does not degrade with each use. Due to the unique LockOne design, the assembly is FOD free. Save on assembly cost! No expensive replacement nuts! LockOne's lightweight design is perfect for use on weight sensitive applications. LockOne fasteners are made from corrosion resistant 304 Stainless Steel. LockOne underwent 30,000 cycle accelerated vibration testing in accordance with NAS3350 (National Aerospace Specification for impact type vibration test). In fact, even after 180,000 cycles the LockOne assembly remained intact! KATO LockOne replaces nylon nuts, double nuts (jam nuts), cotter pins, safety-wire, and thread locking compounds.